Making Pet Food as Safe and Regulated as Human Procecssed Food Essay

Making Pet Food as Safe and Regulated as Human Procecssed Food Essay

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About this book
The evolution of dogs from wolves is a fascinating topic that has been the focus of significant new research and insight. What is clear is that these animals have found their way into the heart of the modern family everywhere – from filling in for the absent single grandchild of Chinese grandparents to the plight of the lonely and stressed western middle class.
When dogs were kept for security or sport, they were usually fed table scraps to supplement what they could hunt or scavenge on their own. Since they became our companions, the pet food industry has expanded rapidly by offering convenience and balanced nutrition at an affordable cost. This is big business, and it includes traditional food companies like Mars, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Cargill, among many smaller players. This book is about the unique relationship between these wonderful creatures and the people who care for them and how that relationship is a new consumer partnership like no other. This new consumer is forcing a lucrative industry into finally adopting the same food safety ethical framework as the rest of the food industry. They are influencing regulators and retailers with the virtual sounding board of the blogosphere. As a result of the new activism the industry is faced with a new predicament as assertive consumers deal with a crisis of confidence over the globalized ingredient commodity trade.
Food Safety vs. Pet food Safety
The food industry has developed significant sophistication to be able to assure the wholesomeness of the billions of mass produced product units we all consume from birth onward, even in very poor sectors of society. The management systems and the technology that is used to avoid or red...

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...f an initiative for process capability studies as part of new process development. He derided the suggestion, relenting only in protest given the support for it by Paul, his new Engineering Manager. I suggested in another meeting that 60/40+ and Sensory where quality programs or tools, driving him to an absolute frenzy. He went out of his way to discredit and dismiss this - my thinking was “too Nestle” for him and that somehow in PetCare things were different. He understood little on both fronts, he was just asserting himself over me. He had drwn a line in the sand, at least in quality management he was to battle to make his fiefdom and island within Nestle, Smithland, otherwise called the Nestle Purina R&D Network.
The Nestle Group Audit (NGA) wants to know our uniform policy for the Pilot Plant. Dan restructured his management team every three years.

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