Making Offshore Staff Augmentation Work Well Essay

Making Offshore Staff Augmentation Work Well Essay

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The continuing economic slump affecting many major democracies has put increasing pressure on firms to cut costs and maximize returns on their investments. Businesses across the globe are searching for feasible avenues to minimizing heavy labor overhead for skilled personnel, especially highly paid programmers and other IT experts. In addition to suffering from local shortages of qualified employees, these businesses often seek greater flexibility in meeting variable needs for special skills. Cutting-edge Internet firms in particular have long required quick access to a wide range of expertise.

Plagued with ballooning costs across the board and suboptimal employee rosters, a growing number of firms have chosen to restructure their personnel portfolios in favor of lower-cost offshore staff augmentation. The intelligent selection of effective IT subcontractors can be time-consuming, but the potential benefits tend to be attractive both to cash-strapped human resources departments at larger companies and to entrepreneurs seeking to leverage their limited seed capital. Labor-contract flexibility and access to a wide range of skilled workers have proven especially interesting to employers struggling to cope with the restricted skill sets of their current employees.

An offshore staffing vendor can offer the dedicated services of Android developers, PHP programmers, Web designers and many other specialized IT workers. While under contract, these trained experts will devote all of their attention to the needs of a specific business. This leads easily to the improved efficiency that arises when the members of an ad-hoc team are familiar with the complex details of an ongoing project and the abilities of each team member. A fair numbe...

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... production of the high-quality goods or services that ensure the profitable loyalty of important customers. This is similar to the productivity gains from low turnover for in-house personnel, but the long-term cost savings from outsourced talent can be significant. As the experience base grows over time, the costs attendant to transition and project management tend to fall significantly. New methodologies and techniques seep into production processes as comprehension of the required outcomes increases; the relationship between an offshored staff provider and the outsourcing client typically reaches maturity three to four years after the adoption of an ODC.

In conclusion, the argument for well-managed offshore staff augmentation, especially with the ODC model, is often compelling to company officers seeking maximum efficiency in the allocation of scarce resources.

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