Essay on The Making Of Culprits By Nicholas De Genova

Essay on The Making Of Culprits By Nicholas De Genova

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Immigration in the United States is a very sensitive topic. Trough out the years the government in the United States have been developing different reforms regarding immigration that unfortunately have not helped to provide a fair solution to illegal immigrants. Looking at the history of immigration it is palpable that over the years immigration laws undergo different ways. For instance in 1950, the Internal Security Act barred admission to any foreigner who was communist because it would be prejudicial to the public interest or would endanger the safety of the United States. Different reforms had contributed to the way that illegal immigrants are treated in the United States.
In the essay The Making of Culprits by Nicholas De Genova talks about immigrants being deportable and detainable. Deportability means that immigrants can be extradited to their countries without any reason and without informing them. According to De Genova deportability makes people afraid to fight for their rights. They become docile workers because they live with the fear that they will be deport to their countries. It is well-known that illegal workers have to work long hours per day and they usually are paid the minimum wage. This part of the essay made me think when Marx argued that the proletariats were exploited by the bourgeoisie because they worked long hours but they were paid just enough to live. They were seen as a commodity. At that time it was a contradiction between the state and the economy because the state promises that they were all equal but, on the economy it was not the case. This situation in the past really reflects what is going on with illegal immigrant workers. According to De Genova “it is deportability and not deportation as su...

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... are just not deportable but, detainable. What detainable means to immigrants is that they could go to jail and be there for as long as the government wants. They do not have a time to leave jail because they are there for being suspects of terrorism. As De Genova said immigration authorities are no longer required to file charges against any foreign national within any specified time frame allowing non-citizens to be apprehended and detained indefinitely. Before immigrants were subject of detainability, they could opt to voluntary leave the country but, unfortunately that is not an option any more. After September 11, immigration authorities institute a new policy that denied the standard option to voluntary departure to those detained in connection to terrorism suspicions. This clear states that the real goal of the Homeland Security is not to remove but to detain.

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