The Making of a Patriot, by Sheila L. Skemp Essay

The Making of a Patriot, by Sheila L. Skemp Essay

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Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers to the United States, was not a patriot but a mere loyalist to England before the dissolution between England and the colonies occurred. Sheila L. Skemp's The Making of a Patriot explores how Benjamin Franklin tried to stay loyal to the crown while taking interest in the colonies perception and their own representation in Parliament. While Ms. Skemp alludes to Franklin's loyalty, her main illustration is how the attack by Alexander Wedderburn during the Privy Council led to Franklin's disillusionment with the British crown and the greater interest in making the Thirteen Colonies their own nation. Her analysis of Franklin's history in Parliament and what occurred on the night that the council convened proves the change behind Franklin's beliefs and what lead to his involvement in the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.
Benjamin Franklin was the colonial agent representing Massachusetts in Parliament in Britain. During his time of representation, several events were occurring that were essentially leading to a rift between the colonies and Britain. The Tea Act was an act that allowed only the sale of tea that was manufactured by the East India Company. The monopoly was put in place by Parliament to help bail out the company that was bankrupt and ship out the excess tea in the warehouses. In effect, this helped people in Parliament who were stockholders from losing on their monetary gains from the company. Many of the colonists were angry and opposed this act by simply boycotting the tea. The resistance against the Tea Act was felt all around the Thirteen Colonies, with several citizens in Boston taking matters into their own hands. The Boston Tea Party, which took...

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... 1774. A person who professed his loyalty to the British crown, Mr. Franklin changed changed from a loyalist to a patriot.The analysis presented by Ms. Skemp of Bejamin's life allow and show the how the man who was once a loyalist that did everything in his power to keep the ties between the colonists and British changed his ways. While more could have been included about the Cockpit event, Ms. Kemp does a wonderful job of proving her thesis and showing how the events of the Cockpit change Mr. Franklin and lead to his involvement of the Thirteen Colonies becoming a nation.

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