Making Mistakes Is Part Of Learning Essay

Making Mistakes Is Part Of Learning Essay

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Making mistakes is part of learning. I hear that a lot, but reflecting on your mistakes and how you got there is far more important. This ensures you do not repeat them. Over the course of the semester, I have made a lot of mistakes. I realize this and have drastically improved how I process information given to me, and reconstruct it into a flow of words to create my essay. I have certainly become better at integrating transitions into my essays, along with adding more explanatory sentences following a quote, and finally adding more to the introductory part of my essay to help the reader understand the context. I will continuously challenge myself by spending more time critically analyzing my points in my essays.
Initially, I was concerned with putting information a lot of into my essay. While I still do struggle with adding meat I never realized how the flow of the words plays a very vital factor into my essay’s overall quality. My essays were choppy blocks of information. Even though the information was good the reader felt lost with incomplete thoughts and fast changes of a topic with no real smooth transition. For instance, within my rhetorical essay, I try to put the reader in a situation where they can imagine the scenario they are in to relate to the point better, but I immediately cut to what the narrator says without transition. I write, “Imagine passively floating down a river, no matter how much you try to swim, get it by obstructions, or halted by a rock, you will still make it down the river eventually. The narrator tells us that, “we 'll all float on alright” (5)” (Patel). There are no smooth transitions between the sentences and that leads to harsh transitions like choppy cuts in the middle of a movie scene. Addin...

... middle of paper ...

...after I have written the essay, to review it more. I try to get appointments at the writing center but it is usually booked through and through. I hope with all this in conjunction I can write better papers and as a result receive higher grades on all my papers.
In conclusion, I reflected on my past essays to learn from my mistakes. I hope to not be doomed to repeat them in the future. I will spend more time working on my sentences and creating a better sentence flow. That way my paragraphs flow and make sense, instead of being choppy with points supporting my thesis thrown everywhere. Additionally, explaining my points when I follow it up with quotes, instead of giving a ton of information with little to no explanation. I will continuously challenge myself by spending more time writing my essay, and more time critically analyzing my points before beginning to write.

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