Essay on Making College More Affordable: Tuition Aid Grant

Essay on Making College More Affordable: Tuition Aid Grant

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Presently, the availability of educational opportunities at the college and university level is a critical state and personal interest given the needs of the state for a well-educated workforce which has never been greater. Too many, the focal point of attending college is receiving a high paying job in the future. Unfortunately, in most states, tuition is on the rise and students who come from low-income families find themselves struggling to fund their education. According to legislatures, “The cost of college in New Jersey, as in the nation, continues to grow faster than the rate of inflation.” (State of New Jersey 1). In the national financial aid policy resources that are typically given to the neediest families are shifting towards middle and upper income families. The Tuition Aid Grant program, established in 1968, is a state program that only provides grant awards for resident full- time undergraduates attending New Jersey public and private intuitions of higher education up to the cost of tuition based on a family’s ability to pay. This grant only funds the education of need-based full time students and part time students are subjected to the high cost of a college education. The need for assistance for part-time students is clear, in order to stop educational debate, raise the retention rates and increase admissions into intuitions the A405 bill to expand the Tuition Aid Grant for part- time students is necessary. The A405 bill states that “A State tuition aid grant shall also be awarded annually to each eligible, qualified part-time undergraduate student enrolled in a curriculum leading to a degree or certificate in an eligible institution in New Jersey” (The state of NJ 3). Expanding the TAG program to include part- ...

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