Making Accommodations For Students With Special Needs Essay

Making Accommodations For Students With Special Needs Essay

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The book lists the steps to make accommodations for students with special needs. The first step named is teaching preskills. The skills that will be needed to perform or complete a more complex skill. When I read this section, the first concept that popped into my head was mini-lessons. Teaching preskills to students is similar to a mini-lesson. You are teaching them skills that will need to complete a direct activity or task in the future. Students have to know the information to learn new information. This is why it is necessary to build on what they already know, and if they don’t know what they need to learn new knowledge you need to teach them what they need to know. Students with special needs might have less of a base knowledge compared to other students. However, you might be surprised at the number of students who need to be taught preskills prior to a lesson. Be diligent in knowing what your students know, and if you aren 't sure, it never hurt to review. What you and other students might see as a review, could be the first time other students are learning that information....

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