Essay about Making A Transition From Arizona Western College

Essay about Making A Transition From Arizona Western College

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At a younger age I believed that University was something unnecessary, and that having an Associate’s degree could open many doors in life. However, professors in Arizona Western College proved me wrong and persuaded me to enroll in the Northern Arizona University. I decided to follow my professor’s advice and continue with my education in order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. Moving forward I opted to enroll in an NAU program of Criminal Justice to pursue my dreams of becoming a U.S custom. Since the very first day attending University I have yearn for graduation day. Making a transition from Arizona Western College to Northern Arizona University has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Due to the fast pace classes, different format of writing, abundant homework, and professors with different ideas, every class at University has meant a new challenge for me. As any other class the PADM is another challenge for me and at the same time a step closer to finish my academic career. However, I believe that this class would be one of the most difficult classes for me because it would take me out of my comfort based on the fact that I’m a Justice Study Major. As I have been getting done with most of my courses, classes have been getting tougher and tougher and I couldn’t expect less for this course. Even though, that this is my first PADM course I anticipate it to fit with the rest of the courses that I have taken by touching on subject such as the public sector. As many of my past courses the PADM also focuses on the importance of decision making, building relationships, and how to properly coordinate or lead a group of people in order to accomplish an objective. I hope that this course will fit with the rest of my...

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...fe I tend to be dedicated, perfectionist, and punctual with the things that I do. I like to create a good impression of who I’m with the people that surround me at home, school and work. The weakness of being dedicated, perfectionist, and punctual is that I sometimes dedicate too much time in something and then I have to sacrifice other things in return. After graduating one of my goals is to become a U.S custom; however, I would also love to join the Marines for a couple of years to gain more knowledge and experience that would help me in my future career. If for a reason I don’t join the marines I would like to start working in the Criminal Justice field as soon as I can and take a break from school. After taking some a break from school if I have the courage and money necessary I would try to further my education by perusing a Master’s degree on Criminal Justice.

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