Essay on Making A Project Succeed Requires Hard Work

Essay on Making A Project Succeed Requires Hard Work

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Everyone who has been involved in a project will agree that making a project succeed requires hard work. The difficulties are countless: delays, excessive budget over-runs, inadequate results, dissatisfied end-beneficiaries, high stress among the project team and other undesirable outcomes. Therefore, the purpose of the project manager is to help you to organize, plan and control your projects to make sure you do not encounter such difficulties. Projects are characterized by five features: a project manager, a group of people, a goal, limited time and money and a certain level of uncertainty related to whether the goals will be achieved or no. Project managers are responsible of these aspects, which makes supervising and directing projects a very hard task. Following these lines will help the project manager maximize the potential of the project’s success by helping them address each element of the project at the right time and to the right level of detail for its size and complexity.
A project manager’s character plays a huge role in the success of the event, since it takes a speci...

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