Essay Making A Murderer, By Angela Davis

Essay Making A Murderer, By Angela Davis

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A person’s socioeconomic status can play a major role in how a crime is investigated. Socioeconomic status is the social standing of an individual or group, which is calculated by the factors of income, education, and occupation. When it comes to the criminal justice system, believe it or not, your status determines whether you go to jail; “most of the people in the criminal justice system are poor, regardless of race,” stated by Angela Davis, a law professor at American University in Washington, D.C. In the documentary, Making a Murderer, it appears Steven Avery was targeted by the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s department. They only focused on him and never considered the possibility of there being any other suspects, ultimately leading to his conviction of sexual assault against Penny Beerntsen. Steven, coming from a low, socioeconomic background, served him as a disadvantage due to not having the right connection or the financial stability for the best representation. During the first episode, the filmmakers present information to viewer s about Steven Avery, who was wrongfully convicted, proving that his socioeconomic status did in fact play a role in how he is treated in Manitowoc County.
The documentary creates an image of the Avery family as outcasts because they owned a salvage yard, lived on their own road named Avery, and they did not have the same level of education as other families. We are told by Reesa Evans, Steven’s appointed lawyer, that the Manitowoc County was primarily comprised of ‘working class farmers.’ Although the Avery family were business owners, owning one of the largest salvage yards in the county, it was perceived to not be an acceptable industry and therefore frowned upon. They did not fit in. They look...

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...ery is being poorly treated because of his socioeconomic status, and the fact that he is different from everyone in the Manitowoc County. Steven was lied on, picked on, and accused of committing a crime he did not commit, all because he was looked down upon and viewed as being less of a person than everyone else in the community. Watching this episode invokes an emotion that is prevalent today with our justice system. Many minorities are falsely accused and falsely imprisoned due to personal vendettas from private citizens or members of the law enforcement. Many are disfranchised due to their socioeconomic status. There are many innocent men and women serving life sentences and on death row for crimes they did not commit. In the year of 2007, Devontae Sanford, who was just 14 years old at the time, was wrongfully convicted of a crime and sentenced 90 years in prison.

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