Essay on Making A Life Plan And Being A Pilot

Essay on Making A Life Plan And Being A Pilot

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Making a life plan is like a flight plan and being a pilot. The pilot continuously has to correct for certain conditions that has gotten the plane off course. Without a plan the plane and pilot would be taken by the winds and weather never reaching their destination. (Boss, 2014). Having big dreams are a way for people to set life goals for themselves and point them into the right direction. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. I always knew I was going to be in the medical field. Although my plan is not to become a doctor, my dreams put me in the direction I needed and led me to want to become a Physician’s Assistant.
Values are things that are most important to you in life and can be a variety of things that mean the most to you (Boss, 2014). Everyone has different values in life. For me, I value most in life is my family, my education and my success. Family to me means everything. Without these people in my life, I would not have anyone to fall back on or help push me to get through things. My family is also my encouragement and the reason why I am determined to succeed in everything that I do. Education is another thing that I value. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to have such a good education. Without the education that I have today, I am not sure where I would be in life. Education has brought me to a great career and has me wanting more in my career and in my life. I explain to my kids often that education is very important on becoming whatever they choose when they grow up. Success is yet another that I value in life. Meeting goals that you have set for yourself and succeeding in them is a great feeling. Although I still have many goals left to achieve, I will never fully feel successful until I have...

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...mponent is willpower” (American Psychological Association, 2014). I know that I will be able to love my life and family because of the people I have in my life and my family always shows me there is more love to give. I also know I will love the career path I have chosen because I am following a dream and making it a reality. It is very easy to take for granted the things around us and what we have and I am going to try very hard to be more appreciative by continuing to grow as a person and show patience and gratitude.
I believe that education is the key to success. I also believe that being successful is through hard work, dedication and determination. I know that if I do not complete my degree that my goals will remain dreams. Therefore, I am dedicated to working hard and determined to overcome any obstacles to fulfill my goals and dreams to make them a reality.

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