Making A Job Fair Is Worth Attending Or Not? Essay

Making A Job Fair Is Worth Attending Or Not? Essay

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Due to the time and money commitment you need to make, it’s definitely important to do your research before committing to a job fair. You need to be aware of your options, in terms of whether the fair is worth attending or not. You might have limited time available, especially if you can’t stay for the whole day(s), and therefore, you need to be aware of the employers and recruiters you want to meet.

Research the event beforehand

Start by researching the job fair. You should determine the event’s attractiveness by answering the following questions:

• Is the event free to attend? Consider whether the cost of attending is too high, in case it’s not a free event.
• Is the career fair open for all? As we’ve mentioned above, some career fairs might not be accessible by the public. For example, university job fairs might require you to attend the institution.
• Is the fair industry specific? You should only attend job fairs, which include the industry you are hoping to get a career in.
• Which companies are attending the event? Identify the major employers and recruiters present and consider how they suit your career progression plans.
• Are there any extra events/workshops/seminars available for attending? If so, how do you sign up for them? Check out the whole program for the job fair and consider if it has a number of extras, you find useful.

By answering the above questions, you’ll be able to decide whether the particular event is worth attending. You’ll also get an idea on what to expect, to ensure you can maximise your job search.

Create a list of the employers you want to meet

During research you should have identified the employers attending the event. You now want to create a list of the top three employers you want to me...

... middle of paper ...

...hose. It’s easy to be thrown back by simple questions, if you haven’t prepared for them.

Example questions representatives often ask include:

• What interests you?
• What are you good at?
• Why should we hire you?
• What’s your current employment status? Why’d you want to leave?

Dress for the occasion

Finally, you should sort out your wardrobe before the event. Each fair can have different approach to dress code. You should check the website if there are any specific requirements to ensure you don’t stand get turned away from the door.

Overall, a business casual tends to be required and if the website has no mention of dress code, dress with business casual in mind. This means you don’t need to show up in full suit, but still leave the shorts and t-shirts at home.

You can find great styling tips and learn more about different style choices from the below video:

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