Essay on Making a Case for Having Women to Minister Positions

Essay on Making a Case for Having Women to Minister Positions

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I’m writing in regards to your decision not to appoint women to the position of minister. Your decision to neglect women of the right to preach the gospel is based on limiting passages written by the Apostle Paul stating that women should “be silent” in church. These limiting passages, might I add there only a few of them in the New Testament, have led thousands of women to be spiritually repressed due to the restriction of women in church. This spiritual repression is the doing of incorrect interpretations on certain biblical texts. Basing your decision off this claim to “be silent” is neglecting to look at The New Testament’s mission and message as a whole.
The New Testament although it can be confusing and contradictory at moments should never be studied as separate works of doctrines and isolated teachings. The New Testament is a whole; it’s the story of Jesus’s message and New Covenant. When Jesus began his mission, the life containing a set of rules between women and men, Gentiles and Jews, Priests and common people, slaves and non-slaves were washed away. Jesus’s Christianity abolished earthly and social class distinctions and resulted in equality. Attaining a life with Christ is only through the Holy Spirit and faith alone, not the works one can do or the class they reside in, which means that everyone is able to attain this faith and relationship with God. In choosing not the appoint women to ministry because you may believe they are not of that status completely disregards a part of Jesus’s entire message. Jesus’s desire for women and men is perfectly put in Acts 2:17-18, “In the last days, God declares, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men ...

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...rage never excluded anyone from ministry on the basis of gender or race. Women should be encouraged and feel free to exercise the gifts God has given them to build the church. The church should acknowledge that God has given gifts to all, and discern the gifts in its midst irrespective of sex. Women should function in the church in the joyful knowledge that they are fully reconciled and equal as believers in Christ and as members of his body. I encourage you to reconsider your decision and think long and hard about the sole reason you believe women should not be of high authority in church. The last thought I will leave you with is this, God proclaims us not to judge on another correct? If you believe the word of God then you would know that it is a sin to judge men are richer in spiritual life than women. This is solely something only Jesus himself can judge.

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