Essay on Makeup vs Makeup Setter

Essay on Makeup vs Makeup Setter

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Makeup setting spray is a technologically advanced mist that comes in a bottle with a spray nozzle attached to it. It can be bought with hypoallergenic qualities and has a wide variety of properties to fit all skin types. (Kassi, April 26, 2014) Most mists claim to hold makeup in place for 16 hours. (Sephora, 2014) Makeup setter is said to work by using temperature control technology to keep the heat away from the skin by absorbing the moisture from the skin and slowly evaporating over the course of 16 hours. (Denise Codon, 2013) Setting sprays have been found up to $30.
The purpose of this experiment is to test the effectiveness of setting sprays versus the effectiveness of spraying hairspray in it’s place to hold a person’s makeup in place. Hairspray has been used for years to hold performers makeup in place through the entire show. Hairspray is a cheaper alternative to makeup setters and is something that is in most households. This project is composed to compare the results of using hairspray and using a setting spray to decide if the results are worth the extra cost.
Setting spray claims to be a hairspray for the face. (Kassi, 1 April 26, 2014) Can hairspray be used in the place of setting spray? It is predicted that hairspray works just as well, or better than a setting spray because it is already intended to hold things in place. It is only being moved from one protein to another. Hairspray creates a film or barrier around hair that holds it in place and it is believed that hairspray may have the same effect on skin.

To start the procedure, one would need a high- quality camera, hairspray, setting spray, a single spot with altering lighting and one constant makeup routine through the entire exper...

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