Essay about Make Yourself: The Progression of Women in Advertising

Essay about Make Yourself: The Progression of Women in Advertising

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“It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union”. These famous words were spoken by Susan B. Anthony, one of the strongest advocates of female equality in history. The quote is referring to the notion that male superiority is in fact a lie. She states that it was not just males who are responsible for every positive outcome that has happened in the world. Women are a vital part of the successes of the human race. In a world saturated by male dominance, Susan was a bold advocate of female equality and the world has grown from the seed she has helped nurture. Male supremacy has tainted the world throughout history, even in advertisements that promote products. However, times have changed since the days of Anthony. Modern advertisements display that women have progressed to much more independent, strong-willed roles in society as opposed to the incorrect portrayal of past eras. These ads look promising to women seeking to step into the spotlight.
One such advertisement that came from Lord and Taylor, shows a woman in a much more important and powerful status than men. The ad is promoting its new clothing item, the Tahari Cape, but it is also asserting the authority of women. In the ad appears a man in business attire with a trench coat and fedora strolling past a store’s display case. The man is carrying a bag of groceries, which in recent decades, society would associate with a woman’s duty. Also, the man is shadowy and his eyes are hidden by the rim of his fedora as he peers into the display case. Inside the display case, there is a male manikin lying on its back. The manikin resembles the business man, except that he is on the ground with his b...

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...o males. Women are no longer subservient to men and have become powerful humans who have stepped out from the shadows that masculinity has cast over them. They have made themselves in their own likeness and not let society decide their path in life. I feel satisfied because different people say that either advertisements mock society or society reflects what is portrayed in advertisements. In both cases, the result is that the world has changed for the better in regards to equality. Women are still fighting for their rights, step by step, and they are not looking back.

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