Essay on Make It For The With The Texter Against Their Therapist

Essay on Make It For The With The Texter Against Their Therapist

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• Make sure not to side with the texter against their therapist:
o If the texter thinks that their therapist has done something ethically wrong, the texter can report that therapist to the state body which licenses them.
 Siding with the texter against their therapist also may make them look more negatively on their current therapist and more positively on Crisis Text Line–which could result in dependence on our service. Instead, you should encourage the texter to speak with their therapist directly about their concerns before making a switch or dropping out of therapy completely.
• Sometimes texters have difficulty focusing or go off on tangents:
o If this happens, try to identify one theme that ties all the issues together. You can even consider mentioning to them directly that they talked about a few different issues since starting the conversation, but that you would like to know what exactly the trigger was that led them to text into Crisis Text Line.
• Often when speaking with someone who is feeling sad or depressed, strength identifications help with rapport by building up their self-confidence.
Mental Strategies for Texters
• Have them pay attention to themselves
o Suggest that they keep track of their feelings and symptoms: Write them down and log them
o After a while, they can look back at what they 've written and reflect on it to see how they have progressed over time
o This type of log will also be helpful to a doctor or a therapist if they do see one
• Identify positive outlets for themselves
o Many people with mental illness report that listening to music and singing familiar songs can help them through difficult times by temporarily replacing worry and anxiety with moments of pleasure and joy
• Encourage regular e...

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... follow up to remind texters they need to be focused on the conversation
o Don 't be afraid to remind users about what Crisis Text Line is here for or explain what we expect from them during a conversation
• Always check in with texter if they haven 't responded in 7+ minutes
o If they respond → Great, continue the conversation
o If they respond, but go silent again later → Check in again and ask if they are distracted
o If they don 't respond after three minutes → Send one more follow-up message explaining you 'll have to close the conversation if you don 't hear from them within the next five minutes
 Close the conversation once five minutes pass
• If a texter repeatedly takes 5+ minutes to respond
o Address the fact that it 's taking a while to hear from them
o Explore what 's behind the delay
o Determine if this is the right time to continue with the conversation

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