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The Make-A-Wish Foundation Essay

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Having a wish fulfilled is a desire everyone keeps, but granting one is a special characteristic of a chosen few. Such is the ideology of the Make a wish foundation. This simple, but powerful belief is what drives the Make-A-Wish foundation. For children who must face the uncertainty of a tomorrow, due to their rapidly deteriorating health, a wish is more than just a desire. It’s a hope. Hope is what carries us out of the darkest of slums, to keep going. To face a tomorrow. Make-A-Wish is committed to granting the wish of every eligible child. They do this believing that wishes can make sick children feel better, and sometimes, when they feel better, they get better. Since the spring of 1980, they have been granting the wishes of children diagnosed with a life-threatening medical conditions. The make a wish foundation has the ability to not only unite a society as whole and further the awareness of life threatening illnesses, but also gives hope to individuals and a community as a whole.
Founders of the organization, Frank Shankwitz and Scott Stahl, had not originally set out to begin what today is one of America’s biggest non-profit organizations. They were merely trying to fulfill the wish of their close friends dying son, Chris. Chris who was 7 years old had been diagnosed with leukemia and had always wished to be a police officer. Frank Shankwitz and Scott Stahl gathered the funds and support they needed in giving Chris a day he would never forget. Chris spent his day as a police officer. He received a customized police uniform, a badge, which once belonged to a retired lieutenant and became Arizona’s first and only honorary DPS officer. As word spread, more and more people wanted to take part in bring forth a smile to a dyin...

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...h is not the only organization devoted to the well being of children undergoing constant treatments and illnesses. Kids Wish Network and the Starlight Foundation are similar organizations that are equally committed to improving the quality of life for children that suffer from life-threatening illnesses. The sociological impact of these organizations is substantially relevant when it comes to viewing a society as a whole. It unites the values of a community, making it stronger. They simply make a society much more appealing to those around them, as well as convey a mass depiction of ideal morals and values. Make A wish foundation is not only an inspirational organization, but also a form of standard that develops a society significantly. Most of all it gives us the hope in humanity, that such acts of morality still exist and prosper our social values till this day.

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