Make A Wish Foundation Is Children Centered Non Profit Organization Essay

Make A Wish Foundation Is Children Centered Non Profit Organization Essay

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Make a Wish foundation is children centered non-profit organization. Their focus is help children with life threatening illness receive their utmost desired wish. This is not only granted as a gift to the kid, but it gives the children hope, and something to look forward too while they battle these illnesses. The company does seek donations and sponsors to help fund these wishes; however, this is not an extreme necessity as none other than Disney runs Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Current Social Assets
Make-A-Wish Website:
Current social media and mobile technologies strategy
Make-A-Wish Foundation interacts with the public through various social media outlets. Some of which include, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Each site is responsible for separate areas of audience involvement. The Make-A-Wish foundation Facebook page has 637 thousand likes, options to donate, and countless stories of sick children, and their wishes. As well the Facebook page allows for volunteer information, interesting facts about the company and ways to engage in the company and learn more. Twitter offers a different means of delivering information with clever hash tags, which allows for fast spreading across the globe. It engages in real-time wish and story telling, as well as real-time news and information. The YouTube channel offers ...

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...butions, amount of effort and metrics. Each of which will be allotted a time frame, and ways of achieving goals. This is also laid out in an organized chart in Appendix A.
These goals include increasing “Like”’s, posts, and traffic flow. In order to achieve this goal, the company will be required to assign approximately 2 hours a week of website engagement. This will include 4 maximum posts a week, as to increase awareness without over-loading current followers newsfeeds. Posts should include a variety of first person stories from children and their families who have received a wish, new ideas for company expansion, and volunteer opportunities for involvement. Also it is important to spend approximately 30 minutes a week searing for Facebook fan pages and contributing to them with a simply “Like”. This will show company compassion, and increase notability.

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