Make a Wish for My Sister Essay

Make a Wish for My Sister Essay

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When my sister was three she started getting very sick. My mom thought she just had the flu. We had no idea what was wrong she had flu like symptoms but it lasted more then a week and every time she would eat she would throw up. My parents took her to the doctors in Austin and they could not find why she was so sick. So then my parents brought her to Rochester to see if they could find out what was wrong.
They said its not the flu its something else. They did some test and she had a CT scan of her head because of the symptoms. When she would throw up she would hold the back of her head saying that it hurt. The told my parents they found something in the scan. So they sent them to a neurosurgeon and they scheduled a MRI to see if what they found was right. The neurosurgeon called my parents into a room after the test and they were told what they found.
When my parents got home and they had something to tell us so we sat in the living room and my mom said your sister is very sick and they found something in the back of her had and she needs to have surgery to take it out. I was in fifth grade then so they did not tell us everything but I knew what it was my little sister had cancer. My parents told me that she had a tumor in the back of her head the size of a golf ball. I was scared because a friend of mine from school told me that her grandma had just died form cancer so I thought my sister was going to die too I started to cry.
My parents calmed me done and told me that Katie's cancer is not bad and the doctors are going to do everything they can. They need to remove the tumor from her brain because it is putting pressure spinal cored and on her brain and thats what is making her throw up. Before she had the surgery she ha...

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...ome of the volunteers there called her smily because she always had a smile in her face. My parents were so happy to you could just see there attitudes change there was nothing to worry about. Once we got there you could just see the stress going away from are family we were all having fun. I thing this trip was the best family trip we had ever had. The whole trip was awesome there was so many happy volunteers every where to help, and many other families there with stories like us.
We got tickets to go to Disney World so my sister could she her princess, we also got tickets to sea world and universal studios. The trip was so fun and I did not want to leave because when we were there we did not have to worry about anything cancer. We were a normal family and had no worries. Because when we would go home it would go back to the stress full life's of a normal family.

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