Major Types Of Major Depressive Disorder Essays

Major Types Of Major Depressive Disorder Essays

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Society has been dealing with mental illness for thousands of years. People started with the belief that people who behaved abnormally were demonically possessed and haunted by evil spirts. Years and years of research have helped society gain more knowledge; helping find causes of mental illnesses and treatments for disorders. Depression is when a person experiences loss of interest in pleasurable activities, changed moods, and thoughts of death or suicide. Major depressive disorder is one of the most common psychological disorders. Unit 2 Homework Assignment: Psychological Disorder Project

Students will conduct research on the disorder they select from options given by their instructor. Information researched should include the following: disorder’s history/background, causes, treatments, diagnostic criteria, and a person’s ability to live with the disorder. Additionally, be sure to discuss origin of the disorder, first documented cases or famous cases, types of treatment, how they work, and which are most effective.

Major Depressive Disorder

Disorder’s History/Background

Major depressive disorder is a type of mental illness. Depression use to be called melancholia. It was first found in the second millennium B.C., through the Mesopotamian writings. (Nemade, R., Reiss, N. S., & Dombeck, M. 2007) When depression was found religious rectors were called upon because society thought the suffered were connected to a demonic possession. (Nemade, R., Reiss, N. S., & Dombeck, M. 2007) Later in Early Babylonian, Chinese, and Egyptian times mental illness also believed that it was demonic possessions. Their treatments were usually exorcisms. The Ancient Greek and Romans had similar views of mental illness, although some doctors starte...

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... are causes of major depressive disorder, but once the stress is understood recovery begins. These types of events may cause an episode of major depression, but with proper medical help can be resolved more quickly compared with a deeper problem like past traumas. (Stubbeman, W.F. 2012-2016)

Women are more at risk for major depressive disorders. Some of the reasons why women are more likely to get major depressive disorder is because of hormones. Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriage, and menopause have a vast impact on a women’s chemical balance in their bodies and brains. ( 2005-2016) People who are unhealthy can be at risk for major depressive disorder. Also having an illnesses caused by poor diet and lack of exercise can cause people serious depression. The body also could be lacking proper nutrients that help people maintain a positive attitude.

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