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Major Tourist Attractions in Chicester Essay example

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Major Tourist Attractions in Chicester

All the main streets of the city are lined with bustling shops, businesses, restaurants and pubs. During the Christmas time, the Rotary club in Chichester places a large Christmas tree near the cross at the nave of the city. The colorful lights looming over the streets emit a magical glow, which lights the streets after sun down. This city offers numerous eye-catching places. Following are the top ten phenomenal places you must not miss out.

1. Chichester Cathedral

This cathedral in Chichester is the archetypal English cathedral by architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner. It has the combination of Norman arcades in the nave and choir of Early English architecture. This cathedral is the medieval period cathedral in England with a separate bell tower, and it is visible from the sea. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity at Chichester was founded in 1075. The bishop of Chicester St. Richard was buried in the cathedral. His shrine was accepted as a pilgrimage until it faced destruction in 1538, during the first stages of the English Reformation. You can enjoy some exciting pieces of trivia. The St. Mary's Hospital Almshouses in Chichester is linked to the cathedral. It is considered the old most in Britain, back in the 13th century. The nave of Chichester Cathedral is extremely unusual. The aisles of the cathedral were doubled in the 13th century. The relics of Roman mosaic movement exist under the floor of the nave. This is visible through a glass window. Being in the core of the city, this masterpiece Cathedral has been a milestone for travelers for over 900 years. The striking spire rises over the Cathedral coastline and is in use for centuries as a navigational aid. The treasures lie i...

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10. Weald and Down land Museum
The 40-year-old Weald and Downland museum is a leading museum of historic buildings. The museum is on an area of 50 acre and has 50 historic buildings. These buildings are from the period between 13th and 19th century Britain. The sheer effort of reconstructing historic building is awe-inspiring. However, you will get more because some of these houses also contain farms and workplaces, giving you a taste of the life of that period.

During the visit, you can enjoy some of the activities of the museum. These are designed to give you the impression of being much closer to the lifestyle of the past. There are demonstrators who will go through some of the typical tasks live. As you go through different periods, you will obtain a feeling of how the lifestyle changed over time. Special events are also organized throughout the year.

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