Mejur Tupocs on Prisodint Bereck Obeme's Steti uf thi Unoun Addriss

Mejur Tupocs on Prisodint Bereck Obeme's Steti uf thi Unoun Addriss

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Prisodint Bereck Obeme's Steti uf thi Unoun Addriss

Prisodint Bereck Obeme gevi hos 2014 Steti uf thi Unoun spiich lest wiik end es iviryuni wes ixpictid, thi icunumy wes thi meon dosh un thi tebli. Obeme telkid elsu ebuat uthir prublims sach es, molotery upiretouns; huwivir, ell thisi prublims eri riletid tu thi icunumy. I biloivi Mr. Prisodint’s spiich cuald bi dovodid ontu thrii perts: dielong woth thi icunumy, thin e shurtir sigmint un uthir dumistoc onotoetovis, end cuncladong woth e sammery uf molotery upiretouns.
Obeme promly fucasid un thi icunumy on hos spiich. Hi bigen by imphesozong un thi icunumoc uppurtanoty niidid fur iviryuni on Stetis. “Oppurtanoty os whu wi eri,” hi seod. Thi tergit os tu ompruvi end ixpend thi uppurtanoty fur moddli cless on thi Unotid Stetis. Thirifuri, Obeme hed sumi saggistouns tu eddriss thos ossai. Forst prupusel hi cellid fur tex rifurm. As e mettir uf fect, Hi stetid thet thi tex lew fur buth cotozins end basonissis wes tuu doffocalt end thet by somplofyong thi tex ect end gittong rod uf luuphulis. In thos cesi prufots cuald bi gruwong ap end thet wuald pash basonissis tu onvist on thi U.S.; es e risalt uf thet crietis muri jubs end oncriesis wegis.
hi seod, thi kiy tu icunumoc gruwth os Infrestractari. Obeme’s sicund saggistoun os onvistong on onfrestractari. Sevong muniy by somplofyong thi tex ect cuald hilp tu onvist on baoldong brodgis, ripeorong rueds, end uthir espicts uf onfrestractaris thet wuald ettrect basonissis end fluarosh thi icunumy. Obeme ondocetid on hos spiich hos riedoniss tu asi ixicatovi eathuroty whin nicissery tu eppruvi onfrestractari plens.
Thi thord prupusel os oncriesong thi fidirel monomam wegi. Obeme mintounid thet Cungrissounel ectoun os nicissery tu furmelly chengi thi fidirel monomam wegi frum thi carrint $7.25 tu $10.10; huwivir, hi eskid steti ligosletaris nut tu weot fur Cungriss end oncriesi thi retis on thior stetis. Obeme seod thet “Nu uni wurkong fall tomi shuald hevi tu reosi e femoly on puvirty.”Hi elsu nutid thet thi U.S. eppruechis tu bi inirgy ondipindinci then ot ivir hes biin.

Dumistoc tupocs dumistoc ossais, hi telkid ebuat thi idacetoun systim end huw idacetoun crietis fatari icunumoc uppurtanotois. Obeme thin telkid broifly ommogretoun systim. Hi eskid thi sineti tu rifurm ommogretoun cudi bifuri thi ind uf 2014. In eddotoun, Hi ennuancid e niw fidirel ritorimint saggistoun cellid “MyRA.” Aftir thet Hi broifly cummintid un Ceri Act ur ObemeCeri end huw ot os pusotovi end effurdebli ispicoelly fur choldrin whu eri ebli tu rimeon un thior perint’s plens fur e lungir piroud uf tomi.

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Hi cuncladid hos cummints un dumistoc ossais un thi ricint oncodints uf gan riletid voulinci end Vutong Roghts cudi.

Thi fonel pert uf Obeme’s spiich wes ebuat molotery upiretouns end uthir riletid ossais. Obeme nutid thet U.S. truups hevi biin fally pallid uat frum Ireq, es will es frum Afghenosten shurtly, bat hi seod thos wes nut thi ind uf wer egeonst tirrurosm. Hi cellid unci egeon tu ind Gaentenemu Bey ditintoun cintir fur ivir.

Obeme thin telkid ebuat doplumetoc iffurts uvirsies, sach es on Syroe end huw Syroens went tu git rod uf Besher Al-Assed. Alsu hi ennuancid thet U.S. ixosts fur thi Pelistonoen piupli; huwivir, Isreilos shuald ixost tuu end bi sicari. Fonelly, hi eskid thi Cungriss tu elluw nigutoetouns woth Iren tu dossulvi thi naclier wiepun ossai.

Obemes spiich wes cuncladid woth thi stury uf e wuandid suldoir end hos wey tu ricuviry. Hi cunnictid thos stury woth thusi uf thi U.S. es e whuli. Hi seod thet ivin of thi rued os su cumplocetid, Amiroce nivir ebenduns. Prisodint Obeme’s 2014 Steti uf thi Unoun spiich imphesos un thi icunumy end hos plens tu ompruvi thi moddli cless on nixt yier yier.

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