The Major Scientific Developments Of The 20th Century Essay

The Major Scientific Developments Of The 20th Century Essay

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What are some of the major scientific developments of the 20th Century?

The 20th century was a time of great advancements in the field of technology. Men walked on the moon, polio was cured, and penicillin was discovered. Yet in our timeline of events one scientific development changed everything. The theory that not only could atoms be split to form massive amounts of energy, but that it could be utilized in a chain reaction to create a massive burst of energy.

With this theory came the idea that this could be weaponized. This was during the time of the Second World War. Germany was rising to power and taking over most of Europe, Japan had attacked American soil at Pearl Harbor, and America has just joined the war. This was a theory that was needed yet at the same time feared. The thought that a massive powerful weapon could emerge from the splitting of the atom both shocked and awed physicist of their time. Many profound physicist such as Albert Einstein knew though that if they could make this discovery that it would be only a matter of time before the Germans discovered it.

With the aid of several physicist and President Roosevelt experiments began on creating the Atomic bomb. This bomb was deemed to be a high value asset because of its game changing abilities. The military knew that a weapon of this caliber could end the war in a day. The military also knew that Germany was developing their own Atomic bomb. It became a race to see who would emerge victorious. In the end the Manhattan project had produced the world’s first successful atomic bomb.

This major scientific development created a two sided coin. On one side was massive destruction, on the other was world peace through fear of their own weapons. The ...

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...oks and not our enemies. This has come with a cost though. The lives of civilians and soldiers who have had to die at the hands of these weapons. Mankind celebrates the victories against the enemies yet they never stop to think of the bloodshed that led to those victories. Science has built bombs, guns, planes, ICBM’s, tanks, etc. All these things that are necessary to win a war. Yet they cause death in countless numbers. Science has provided a necessary evil. Through technological strength comes the ability to maintain peace with weaponry.

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