The Major Problem For Schools Essay

The Major Problem For Schools Essay

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Since the great recession, schools districts across the nation have had some of the toughest times reestablishing the levels of resources and funding they once had prior to the economic disaster of the early twenty-first century. This funding issue is now becoming a major problem for schools in Pennsylvania. Since the Pennsylvania budget, which should have been signed back in July, has still not been agreed upon, many schools are struggling to stay open with the lack of money coming in that they normally get from the state. That money is still on hold. Some schools are even looking to get loans to pay their bills. There is an even bigger percentage of schools that can’t even obtain loans due to their poor credit rating. For instance, Upper Dauphin School District, which I had attended, is soon on the brink of closing its doors if the budget does not get passed.
According to Douglas Lyons the school districts are currently operation only on the revenue they received from property taxes which in a small community is not enough for a school district to run a whole year on ().
Economically, this issue is going to cause a lot of major problems from higher rates of unemployment to inflation in local grocery stores. It has been approximately 130 days since the state of Pennsylvania has been without a budget. Schools are having trouble paying their employees’ salaries and are having to cut back on purchasing essentials like pencils and paper. Back in September, the Chester-Upland School District was one of the few school districts already faced with the problem of paying their employees and it is all due to the funding they have not received from the state. So far there have already been two budgets denied. The Republican-run House a...

... middle of paper ... job again in Pennsylvania.
Just because a majority of this paper is focused on the fact that educational institutions are in for a huge predicament doesn’t mean that the general public is not going to feel the impact either. Many local companies have sold things to the schools and are probably awaiting for the return of payment. Without the cash that the schools owe them those businesses in turn are hurt and maybe forced to increase their prices. A whole community could see rises in prices, loss of jobs and if this situation gets really bad they could see a generation of students and the future working class struggling to earn their education. One of the main things in promoting growth in human capital and economic growth is to educate the future generations of the world and in Pennsylvania we are struggling to keep schools and institutions open to educate them.

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