Major Newspaper in Honduras

Major Newspaper in Honduras

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Honduras found its origin as part of Spain’s empire but was freed in 1821. It was annexed for two years to Mexico and finally declared independence. It is the second largest country in Central America and has the world’s highest homicide rate at 90.4 murders per 100,000 people which is almost twice as much as its runner up, Venezuela. Three of the five dailies in Honduras, El Haraldo, La Tribuna, and El Periodico, find their headquarters located in Tegucigalpa. The English-language newspaper, Honduras This Week, is also located there. San Pedro Sula is the city of the other two dailies, El Tiempo and La Prensa. La Gaceta is where the government publishes its decrees weekly.
More important that the writers and editors of the Honduran press, are the political figures. Rafael Leonardo Callejas, who is the Former President, is the primary stockholder in El Periodico. This particular paper is known for its conservative views. Jaime Rosenthal is another influential political figure who owns El Tiempo. Rosenthal is a Liberal Party leader who finished second in the Liberal Party of Honduras primary for the 1993 national election, and he leads the more liberal paper which is known to criticize the military and police. Manuel Gamero, the editor of the daily, has been jailed many times because of this.
We can see how easily the media in Honduras is manipulated. The significance of the implications carried out by the puppet masters of the press in Honduras isn’t so easily measured however. This should provoke thought in all viewers and audience of any sort of media, into analyzing the source and origin of said media, and whether or not secondary motives lie in the hearts and hands of the curators. La Prensa has many connections to a number ...

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...t, of the truth that hides in the shadow of it’s government’s web of lies. But every year, the window is closing and the truth it becoming much harder to reach. And this only pertains to newspapers and magazines. There is a lot more information being manipulated under the umbrella of media. There is still television, movies, internet, and other mediums of accessible information that is being censored and manipulated.
It’s sad really, because in theory, the rights of the press are generally respected, but in practice, they sometimes appear to be breached. The press and media altogether is subject to corruption and politicization, and there have been many times when journalists have committed to self-censorship or moments of allegations of intimidation by military authorities in power. Unfortunately, this is the current state of Honduras in our moderns times today.

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