Major League Sports Labor Disputes Essay

Major League Sports Labor Disputes Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Why cannot we sit down together with a board of arbitration, honestly state our difficulties and try to work out a sane method of procedure?” Mrs. Roosevelt is saying that they should have a third party to help work out the disputes in a professional manner. The relation from this quote to major league sports labor disputes is the league and players tend to go to court to try to settle their disputes. However, the leagues have gotten very use to going to court to settle their disputes that they do not try to settle the little disputes personally. Hence, the government intervention should be limited in the major league sports labor disputes.
First, the government’s intervention into major league sports causes problems because the judges do not always label the disputes correctly. Some of the federal laws, that determine what the labor disputes are labeled, are the National Labor Relations Act, the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Act, and the Norris LaGuardia Act. However within the article “Federal Jurisdiction in Sports Labor Disputes” by Michael LeRoy a professor in labor and employment relations, the sports labor disputes are often set under the antitrust act instead of the labor law. Therefore, the judges do not always read the cases right, and in return the judges mislabel the cases under the antitrust. When the court systems label the disputes under the antitrust act, the judges normally dismiss the cases. However, the Clayton Act organizes labor under antitrust laws in a bad manner, which causes more problems than it solves from LeRoy’s article “Federal Jurisdiction in Sports Labor Disputes". Therefore, the Clayton act was not well written because the act caused more problems than it solve...

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