Major League Baseball : Overpaid Players Do Not Perform Essay

Major League Baseball : Overpaid Players Do Not Perform Essay

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Major League Baseball: Overpaid Players Do Not Perform
In Major League Baseball, the tendency of giving out enormous free agent contracts is not fading away despite players playing inadequately throughout the season. CC Sabathia may have had great seasons in the past few years on the Yankees, Sabathia signed a $186 million for 8 years, but he perform unsuccessfully throughout the 2015 season. Having a high ERA and nine losses in 24 starts. After earning $23 million for the season, Sabathia is guaranteed more money next year. Robinson Cano has been a MVP-caliber player for the past few years, He sign a contract with the Seattle Mariners worth $240 million for 10 years. In 2014, Cano has posted a low batting average and only 14 homeruns. Minnesota’s Joe Mauer, The Twins first baseman has been established as an average player who is sign a contract back in 2009 worth $184 million for 8 years after having the best season in his career having a batting average of .365. Mauer’s numbers have decline since signing the contract. In 2015, Mauer had a batting average of .267 and only 7 homeruns. When Pablo Sandoval signed a contract with the Boston Red Sox for five years’ worth $95 million, it appeared the contract was outrageously high given since he did not have a great season with the San Francisco Giants. Sandoval’s first year in Boston was a bust. He had the worst season in his career. Signing long term deals are hurting the teams payrolls when players do not a successfully season. Major League Baseball teams are overpaying players that do not perform to expectations.
Joel Maxcy, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Interim Department Head Sport Management at Drexel University. He conducted a study on Motivating Long-Term Employment Cont...

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...nish their lineup. In a conference with Cleveland Indians organization about players, Billy encounters Peter Brand, a Yale Economics graduate, who is an employee for the Indians player analysis. Billy understands that Peter and he have the same mind set. Billy employs him as the Athletics’ Assistant General Manager. Peter persuades Billy to look at the whole dugout, and obtain underrated players to help the Athletics Compete. Billy understands that his and Peter 's jobs will be on the line if the team does not produce. Beane states, “When your enemy 's making mistakes, don 't interrupt him”. Most importantly to Billy is to show the Major League Baseball that his way is the correct way. I believe that signing long term deals is not the solution for winning baseball games, but other Major League Baseball teams are overpaying players that do not perform to expectations.

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