The Major League Baseball Debut Of Jackie Robinson Essay

The Major League Baseball Debut Of Jackie Robinson Essay

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Background & Introduction
The Major League Baseball debut of Jackie Robinson, was one of the most historical moments to occur in American sports. He became the first African American player to play in MLB in the modern era, breaking the color barrier in baseball. In making his MLB debut on first base with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947, it caused quite a controversy all over the country because racism was a prominent issue during this time and the backlash Robinson faced was severe.
Robinson, whose grandfather was a slave, had an extraordinary 10 year Major League career. He accumulated many accolades along the way such as, MLB Rookie of The Year Award in 1947, six-consecutive seasons as an All-Star player and he was the first African American player to receive the National League MVP award. Robinson also played in six World Series, winning one title. In 1997 Major League Baseball retired his number, no team in baseball could ever wear the number '42 ' again, besides the special situation Yankees Mariano Rivera had. MLB also now holds the tradition that on April 15 it is celebrated as "Jackie Robinson Day". Although the world now celebrates Robinson 's legacy, it was not always like that. He faced major backlash from fans and players alike when he made his debut. Death threats were sent to his home and he was booed during the games, however, sports writers and newspapers alike tried to change that negative image that was forced on Robinson to make him into a more likeable and favorable figure in American sports. By doing so, Jackie Robinson became a key figure in the Civil Rights movement and provided a huge platform for African- Americans.
According to Robinson, sportswriters were those most responsible for the ent...

... middle of paper ... if it were a secret or in his words "practically smuggled him in." According to the article, Branch Rickey, owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers at the time, signed Robinson quietly in hopes of keeping the pressure off of Robinson. He was no ordinary rookie and everyone knew that, including the newspapers. However, even with the acknowledgement of the historical significance, the inverted pyramid was not applied to the piece. Right off the bat it should have started with Robinson 's debut because of what it meant to society and to the sport.

Public Reaction
Jackie Robinson 's debut was very uplifting for the African American community. A population who were suffering through oppression and violence, had an illustrious figure in one of the biggest stages in the country. Not only because of the first step he took for African Americans to play in professional baseball

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