Major Incidents Caused By Transportation Accidents Essay

Major Incidents Caused By Transportation Accidents Essay

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As known as major incident happens unexpectedly resulting in huge damages in people lives, injuries and properties. It is officially defined as ‘any emergency that requires the implementation of special arrangements by one or more of the emergency services and will generally include the involvement, either directly or indirectly, of large numbers of people’ (London Emergency Services Liaison Panel, 2012, p.7). For example; natural disasters, terrorist attacks, transportation accidents or any other manmade disasters (Close et al., 2014). Major incidents are classified by serious impacts, urgently responsive needed, unpredictability, and obscurity (Alison & Crego, 2008; Carley, Donnan, & Mackway-Jones, 1998; Moynihan, 2008). In the UK, the data shown that there are major incidents occurred estimating 4 - 5 cases per year (Carley, & Mackway-Jones, 2005). During 1968 to 1996, the majority of major incidents were resulted from human activity account for 58% of incidents as transportation accidents. Occasionally, incidents might arose from terrorist attacks or the other causes (Carley, & Mackway-Jones, 2005). Noticeably, major incident is the emergency with high stakes, high impacts and need a multi-agency response (e.g. the police, paramedics and rescue services) in order to cope with this incident (House, Power, & Alison, 2014). Therefore, co-operative between multi-agency should be effectively functioning in critical incident management. Concerns are sometimes raised that emergency responses do not proper coordination immediately resulted in massive damages. Considerably, the supportive processes are required to manage collaboration between multi-agency. Therefore, decision-making (DM) has been brought to deal with this situation...

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... decision making tactics, NDM studies are more significant difference for using in the ‘high stakes’ situation than TDT approach (Alison, & Crego, 2008). Another important issue is that NDM research has been limited to specific area which means that it might not be elucidated in general (Alison, & Crego, 2008). Nonetheless, NDM could not actually support the police in major incident management in terms of recognising and examining the outcomes of decision making circumstance (Alison, & Crego, 2008). In spite of the fact that decision making tactics need to investigate in terms of applicable in law enforcement. It is acceptable that NDM is involved with decision makers expertise which can be classified as four main characteristics of NDM as Process orientation, Situation-action matching decision rules,Context bound informal modelling and Empirical-based prescription.

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