Major Depressive Disorder And Borderline Personality Disorder Essay

Major Depressive Disorder And Borderline Personality Disorder Essay

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Major Depressive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder
In this paper, I will identify Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and discuss what distinguishes both in diagnosis. Furthermore, I will cover treatment considerations when working with a client with more than one disorder. Finally, I will provide a case example with diagnosis codes to illustrate what behavioral patterns and cognitions that are evident with both MDD and BPD.
Comorbid Disorders
Comorbid are two or more disorders that present simultaneously in a client. MDD requires a client to present with at least five of nine symptoms as outlined in the DSM-5. A client could feel depressed most every day, lack interest in activities that were once fun, experience weight loss or gain, be unable to sleep or sleep too much, and be unable to concentrate or make decisions (Hooley, Butcher, Nock, & Mineka, 2017). With BPD, a client could show instability with relationships, have a fear of abandonment, act impulsively in ways that could produce harm to themselves or others, and swift mood swings from anxiety to anger (Hooley, Butcher, Nock, & Mineka, 2017). Both disorders are characterized with similar symptoms such as a feeling of desolation, suicidal ideation, and both can cause distress in social or occupational areas of a client’s life (Hooley, Butcher, Nock, & Mineka, 2017). In terms of diagnosis, what distinguishes these two is the impulsiveness, paranoia, and loss of contact with reality that BPD causes. With MDD, depression and emptiness swallows the clients thought patterns and spills over into all their relationships.
Treatment Considerations for Personality/Mood Disorders
For Major Depressive Disorder, there are many forms of...

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... goal of Joe’s treatment is to maximize his ability to function, set realistic treatment goals, and work collaboratively. Per research it would be best to work on Joe’s BPD first with cognitive and Interpersonal therapy and assist him in with hyper-mentalizing his self-beliefs. Additionally, from that point we could move towards addressing the depression.
In conclusion, BPD and MDD are often seen in clients concurrently, so it is necessary to delve into the client’s previous history to determine any behavioral patterns that may be evident prior to the presenting problem. Equally important, is to educate Joe and his family about his diagnosis (Links, Ross, & Gunderson, 2015). Education can often lead to the client feeling validated and knowing they are not alone in how they feel. Hopefully, Joe can overcome both disorders, because both MDD and BPD are treatable.

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