The Major Components Of Political Science Essay

The Major Components Of Political Science Essay

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Understanding and explaining policies is the study of political science. In order to study this discipline one must recognize the three major components of political science: ethical, empirical and prudential. Political scientists must also understand the interrelationship of these three and how they impact each issue as it related to policies and the management of the government. With the outbreak of the measles epidemic in California during December of 2014 and into 2015, one can look at the policies surrounding the issue of mandatory vaccination in the context of the three components of political science. What are the pro and cons of mandatory vaccinations and how does it impact public policy and public health?
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The ethical component of political science deals with the philosophy of the science and focuses on political values, specifically “with what ought to be in politics.” (Riemer, Simon, & Romance, 2014) This is the component that deals with which moral standards should be followed as well as choices of judgment and behavior Every community of people have their own values about what is ethical but there is not always agreement about what is right or wrong. This component serves to be the root of controversy and each person or communities of people have their own value system.
The empirical component of political science deals with the science and the “what has been, what is, and what will be.” (Riemer, Simon, & Romance, 2014) Empirical component looks to science to explain questions within politics. Tools used by all scientist such as observation, measurement, deductive reasoning and testing can be applied to politics in order to better answer questions and to look forward ...

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...The decision for the use of vaccines is a balance of risk and benefit. Vaccines are subject to licensure in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA makes sure drugs are tested and are effective, however although rare there are cases where a vaccine may in fact do harm to an individual who receives the drug. Vaccines are made to be given to otherwise healthy individuals and can potentially pose a risk to a person who is not otherwise healthy. All of the factors have to be taken into consideration and scientific testing must be evaluated as the government uses political science to help guide actions most appropriate for the entire population. Vaccines have been effective in the past, they are effective now as demonstrated by statistics known and they will continue to be effective based on the knowledge of vaccine development in the future.

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