Essay about The Major Areas Of The Autistic Student Is There Social Skills

Essay about The Major Areas Of The Autistic Student Is There Social Skills

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One of the major areas of deficit in the autistic student is there social skills. With knowing this I try to incorporate working in groups as much as possible. The students have the choice of when, but have to work with a partner once a day. The students are in the classroom together most of the day, so they have 6 different times to work either independently, as a group or with a partner. Many times it works out that science is as a large group for the majority of the time. This is a good way for the student to learn how to take and be patience with each other. The first part of Language Arts class, many time will be independent work, this is when they are doing reading comprehension. They read at different levels, so by providing them time to work on a computer program, they are able to read at their specific level and not feel they are being judged. This also allows me to work one on one with them to find the skills they are missing and to help build the ones that are weak at. We will read from the computer or they will pick a book to read to me. Small group is where they have the chance to work with a fellow student. This can happen during social skills or math when they are playing a game, in Science or History when they need to complete a project.

When using a varied of methods to teach it in an important way to keeps the lesson interesting. I will do some lecturing, but the students seem to get distracted. The best way to teach my group of students is to have them watch a video, but I stop it about every 5 minutes and question them for comprehension. I like to see what they liked while the material is fresh in their mind. This also is a good way to reinforce the material. I am also able to see if th...

... middle of paper ...

...want to cause a behavior or cause them to not complete the work. I will try different modification to help them succeed. When I am teaching the lesson I will break it down into smaller pieces, so they are not overwhelmed by the amount of information. For example, when we were studding about the planets I decided to have them learn about one at a time. We would compare two that we had already studied. If the student doesn’t want to write a summary, I will first try to have them type it. If I am still unsuccessful, I will see if they are willing to draw a picture, but we talk about the fact that the next time they need to write the summary like the rest of the class. In this lesson the student didn’t want to draw the planet, so I had him write the characteristics of the planet. It worked out well and the net time he was willing to do the assignment as assigned.

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