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Maintaining The Standard Across The Board Essay

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Maintaining the Standard Across the Board
Miguel Hernandez Jr.
Cameron University

The second and third order effects that develop following high profile cases go fairly unnoticed and have lasting impressions. How is it that, if polls were used to garner verdicts opposed to12-person jury’s, the majority of the population would find these people guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Come to think of it, the criminal justice administration field dealing management and organization is deeply affected by the due process system. Ranging from case overloads to setting precedents, celebratory criminal cases need to be dealt with at face value opposed to being geared as a special situation.

“We the court find O.J. Simpson not guilty for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.” After nearly twenty years since America witnessed what many consider a travesty of criminal justice, we unfortunately are still being succumbed to trials that result in terrible verdicts. Our country prides itself in protecting citizens and making a point to ensure they are being properly protected by supporting them with individual rights which I feel is what makes this country great. On the contrary, I feel as though we need to remodify the system and create a balance between the crime control and due process model in order to mitigate injustice to take form in our court rooms. In the wake of what seems to be a recent phenomenon involving high profile cases resulting in verdicts being announced that seem as though we are all being reeled in to a Hollywood movie scene with unpredictable outcomes, one can only wonder the validity of what we know to be the truth. Implementing new ways to help reform our current structure ...

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