Essay on Maintaining Ethical Practices For A Social Work

Essay on Maintaining Ethical Practices For A Social Work

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Maintaining Ethical Practices
When given a topic about something that one may think they know everything there is to possibly know about that particular topic, what should one do to relay that information to others, factually that is? The most important part is to not just say what one has heard or learned from their personal experiences, but they should research the issue or topic and check for data to support their current knowledge. Finding the proper sources that corresponds with a person’s chosen topic can be a very meticulous and lengthy process, but it will be the best way to replay your information. Roughly the first step is to pick a field and a topic. Then one must research that topic and actively analyse the research. After researching one will have to conclude all of their findings.
Everyone’s search for topics aren’t always easy, but this particular one was halfway chosen from the beginning. Each person had to pick a topic that’s popularly research within their field of study. As a social work major, it is pretty relevant that many studies have been done about knowing the difference in ethical and integrative practicing. With this topic there was plenty of research that was foreign based, but this particular search was mainly for American research. After finding five credible sources from the University 's library website, all scholarly journals of course, the next step was to look into those journals and select the one that best supported the topic. The five journals were, Journal of Social Work, International Social Work, Clinical Social Work Journal, Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, and Child and Family Social Work. Each journal was highly certified as a credible source, but the Journal of Social Work V...

... middle of paper ...

...rd 1.06[c]).(Reamer 2012)
After going through all those steps this topic now seems like a more expandable topic, but it was slightly not the exact data that I wanted initially. I was aiming more for the topic of helping make ethical decisions about more common things and not just focusing in rural areas and their ethical dilemmas. The idea of one putting their own integrity to the side in order to help change someone else’s live is almost always easier said than done, because the ethical decisions could more or less go against everything that you stand for or believe in. Researching just that would slightly lighten the load after seeing the data and proof of how that one decision helped turn a negative experience into a positive result. What once seemed to be a long and unnecessary method of research, ended up to be a more educating and effective research journey.

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