The Maine Website And The Paris Pass Essays

The Maine Website And The Paris Pass Essays

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Comparision of the two websites I have selected, which are The Maine Website and The Paris Pass
Firstly, I will be discussing about the Maine Website. This website does have relevant information regarding places the tourists could visit, the place that will be suitable for the tourists and the places they could book. It makes it less complex for the tourist and they will less likely be lost when they visit the destination. There are maps available, which they can download, which means they are more secure and wouldn 't need to worry much about this issue. However, the font style Calibri is clear apart from the size of the text, which is small.
However, the bad points is that there is more information than images. Generally, you would expect a tourist website to have more images rather than info. This makes the website less appealing and dull. Tourists visit places because it is historic or for the scenery and want less information. Moreover, there are no information regarding discounts. This is significant as tourists look for discounts because it is expensive travelling and want value for money. The font size isn 't clear and this would affect the readers whom have eye site problems. This could lead to them not being able to read the information.
Above all, the improvements that could have been made is that the website has more colours. This will make it stand out and fascinate the reader. On the other hand, for the text to be bigger, which is vital. This is because if it is small the audience will not be able to find the information relevant. As well as, having more images satisfies the readers. This encourages the tourists to visit the place because of the scenery.
The Maine website, which I had looked at first, had useful inf...

... middle of paper ...

...ance to download the map so you can print it off. This is available in the Maine website but you don 't have the chance to download the PDF. Downloading the map makes it more convenient as people are able to view it faster than going on the website itself.
Above all, the website which I believe is the best is the Paris Pass website as it is colourful and it stands out. On the other hand, with enough images and information. It encourages the readers to carry on reading and this is significant. Also, the layout is neatly laid out, which is significant to capture the interest of the readers. As well as, there are travel guides and discounts. This is important, which means it will reduce the customers cost. Above all, contact details are significant for the customer to know the address of the place to visit. Therefore, I believe this website is more appealing and useful.

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