The Main Tenets Of Christianity Essay

The Main Tenets Of Christianity Essay

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This same pattern can be seen in American society today. The majority of America are WASPs. WASPs stands for white Anglo-Saxon protestants. With that being said, many Americans also let their religious views affect their political views and it can affect the way they treat those that are different and belief in different value. Christianity is seen as the only religion to many Christians and they believe that everyone else is wrong and would like fore everyone to be a christian. There are twelve basic tenets of Christianity that permeate the value-system of America. Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal salvation, we are saved by grace through faith-not works, Jesus Christ is the son of God, the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, the doctrine of the trinity, the holy Bible is the inspired and infallible word of God, we are baptized with the holy spirit at the moment of salvation, regeneration by the holy spirit, the doctrine of hell, and the second coming of Jesus Christ back to Earth. (Bradley, 2010) Christians believe that one must follow the word of God in order to be a Christian and that believing that other people may worship how they want is a sin. Christians persecute several groups in the United States, personally and politically. Homosexuals and transgender Americans are persecuted through laws banning marriage between two same-sex people and the allowance of businesses to turn customers away because they are gay. Other laws discriminate against ethnic races in the country still. However, those that are discriminated against the most are those that are seen as jeopardizing the freedom and well being of the country. The country has seen Muslims as the most threatening group since Septem...

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...ments it makes an impact on the public opinion of the country.
Puritan religion and modern Christianity are fundamentally different and fundamentally the same simultaneously. However, the culture has changed tremendously since then. What has remained though is a prejudice towards outsiders and the use of religion to shame and oppress them. Religion can serve many positive purposes, but can have negative effects when used for nefarious purposes. I believe that the similarities seen in the Salem Witch trials and the War on Terrorism can be explained by civilization and state societies. In societies that have inequality and have a hierarchy, especially in religion, there are bound to be those left at the bottom. Throughout the history of the United States those at the top have always oppressed those beneath them and used religion to back up what they say and believe.

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