The Main Reasons Of The Lifestyle Of Citizens Being Corrupted Essay

The Main Reasons Of The Lifestyle Of Citizens Being Corrupted Essay

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When people think of an American lifestyle, most would assume that an American citizen have it easy, simple, and all around happy, but in reality, it is complex, tough and corrupted. Dating back to the late 1600s, there are evidence that proves that family, education system, and business played a big factor in the corruption of the lifestyle. It is true that over the years, the cause of corruption is less cruel (for example in the early 1700s, some were punished for learning while today, students get punished for cheating on exams), but overall, it is broken. The three main reasons of the lifestyle of citizens being corrupted is because of families, education and business. If one of the main factors are corrupted, then the whole lifestyle is broken. For example, if their education system is broken, that person would not have a successful future. If people are having a corrupted business (stressed out or not getting paid well), it would affect the family.
Everything starts off with a foundation. The lifestyle of an American citizen is corrupted because of it’s foundation. Back in the day, families were corrupted because they had to attempt harsh procedures for example, child sacrifices. Although today, some families are still corrupted, but it is not nearly as harsh as it was in the early 1500s. If the families system was not corrupted, the lifestyle of an American would not be as corrupted as it is today.
In the early 1500s, an example of a corrupted family system was child sacrifices. Parents were participating in this process in order to please God and for other religious purposes. Some groups that participated in this were the Aztec, Incas, Moches and Timotos. True, this was five centuries ago and over time, many things have ...

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...ootlegging to workers at apple committing suicide to drug dealers, it’s safe to assume that in multiple ways, business is no longer similar to Antonia’s intentions, although, there are a few solutions to resolve this solution.
With families, education and business being broken, it’s safe to assume that the lifestyle of an American citizen is corrupted. Back in the early 1700s, slavery affected education, businesses and families. In the 1900s, businesses was corrupted because of bootlegging and monopoly. With business being corrupted, it affected families and education in a negative aspect. Overall, the lifestyle of the American citizen has gotten a lot civilized, but it is still corrupted. If one of the main aspects of the lifestyle of an American, everything would be corrupt. We may not have a perfect lifestyle, but we are definitely closer than we were yesterday.

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