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The Main Office Of School Hours Essay

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The main office was easy to locate. School hours are from 7:45am to 2:30pm. Students take 7 classes each semester. The average class size was 26 students to one teacher. Approximately 1,790 students attend Springbrook and 42.4% are females and 57.6% are male’s students, 9.7% (170 students) are in special education, graduation rate is 84.9%, attendance rate is 93.6%, dropout rate is 7.2% and suspension rates is 3.7%. Mr. Cooper shared this information with Jessica and I. Information and statistics can be located by clicking, Springbrook at a glance.
This data is provided by the Montgomery school department. The school offers students and International Baccalaureate (IB) high school diploma. Students may start taking IB courses starting their junior year. All freshman English classes are classified as Honors. They have Honors English Inclusive 9, Honors English 9, and Honors English Cohort 9. The closer to Cohort you get the more challenging the class is. However, once Cohort is accomplished students may take AP classes and IB classes.
• Curriculum (type, level of challenge)
The classes that I saw were theater 1, Honors English 9 and 11 inclusions, AP language, and IB 11. Theater 1 was an elective, therefore, it was a fun class. Students were advertising a product. All of the ninth grade English classes were classified as Honors courses. For both classes, Honors English 9 and 11 inclusions the students were taking a test. The first quarter ended Friday. The word inclusion in this particular school meant that there was a special education teacher or paraprofessional in the classroom. Their task was to monitor behavior and make testing accommodations for the special education students. Students were asked to write the definition or ...

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...the levels of Honors classes (Honors inclusive, honors, honors cohort, AP and IB) confused me a lot. I did not like it. I felt that if a student was in Honors Inclusive they were disciplined and they were not expected to perform their best in class. For instance, for Honors English Inclusive 9, the teacher told me, “Well, I have 8 students with IEP’s, some ESOL students, and I have one that is homeless. Since we are testing today most of the students will behave well.”
Since most of the classes were testing Jessica and I were allowed to learn about some struggles that the ESOL Salvadorian students faced as they migrated to the U.S. Before leaving the school Mr. Cooper mentioned that we were welcome to contact them again, that he hopes to continue the relationship with Bowie State and Dr. West and to let him know if we have any other questions via email.

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