The Main Objective Of English Imperialism Essay

The Main Objective Of English Imperialism Essay

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Reasons for English colonization
The main objective of English imperialism was to spread economic influence, values and laws to different countries. The motivations of imperialism were to create merchant policy that only favors political class of the English imperialism and voters so that they can get reelected. The motivations comprised the willingness to control social class, to control foreign trade, to make money, acquire cheap labor, and dominate over America using political powers. The motivations were also based on the willingness to gain power over nations with a variety of resources (Peter, 2002). Power is authority; therefore English imperialism thought, by gaining power over different nations will make it succeed in having final authority over major issues. Secondly, the political motivation was to compete with other European nations. It was believed that countries with the large territory or more colonized nations were considered to be politically powerful. Hence, English was strongly motivated to penetrate into different nations to remain competitive as compared to other colonial nations.
English had a powerful army and, therefore, to confirm if it could conquer other states it used the military as a political motivation to destroy America and kill people in the name of colonization. Based on that, imperialism continued to spread to various part of the world as English continued to conquer other states using armed forces. Furthermore, during colonialism, winning colonies was seen as a sign of prestige. Therefore, English was politically motivated to achieve more colonies so that other European countries could respect it. Finally, the other political motivation was to boost national security and pride. B...

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... Americans about pertinent issues in the world and enlighten them on different cultures. Hence, after the colonial period, many of them were educated and could participate in lower level decision making. Finally, there was a high rate of the slave trade. This was the main motive why most colonial nations wanted colonize different countries. By colonizing Africa Americans, it was easier to get cheap labor to work on colonial farms, factories and other odd jobs (Norton, et al., 2014). In the long run, many African Americans were forced into slavery.
Most women were raped and left devastated after American Revolution. The constitution that was put in place by British discriminated women against men. Women were only allowed to do lower level and odd jobs because their gender appeared to be inferior. Also, most women were turned into slavery with low pay.

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