The Main Issues Involving The Ownership Of The Canadian Newspaper Industry

The Main Issues Involving The Ownership Of The Canadian Newspaper Industry

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The main issues involving the ownership in the Canadian newspaper industry tend to revolve around money and making a profit. The three main effects that can be seen through concentrated ownership in the newspaper industry are: biased journalism, profit being the main goal, and loss of variety or lack of info. Through research it is noticed that there is an effect that money has on what companies tend to own. Canadian newspaper industry limits the production of high quality content because economic pressures suppress, rather than encourage, quality journalism.

The first argument surrounding concentrated ownership is that content is typically biased. Picard (1998) argued that, “The sociology of news literature collectively creates the expectation that newspapers competing in the same geographic and demographic market will produce highly similar products” (130). Picard’s theory shows that markets that are similar tend to produce similar information. This can be seen as biased since the media is releasing the same information so there is no variety in what the public is being exposed to. Sylvie (1996) argues that “the concentration of ownership can lead to a loss of community solidarity. Most major stockholders and top level executives of chain-owned newspapers do not live or grow up in the cities their newspapers serve and, consequently, are not perceived to identify as strongly with the local community as the owners and executives of locally owned newspapers” (18). This is another issue that can be seen as an effect of concentrated ownership. With bigger companies having ownership over newspaper and media chains, the information released is not typically exclusive for the city where the newspaper is being released. This results in ...

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... argued that Thomson was squeezing the quality out of the newspapers in exchange to gain a profit. The purpose of newspapers was no longer focused around giving out the most information to the community but instead to release information that could possibly be interesting and would entertain and grab the attention of its readers. This change in the newspaper industry is what led to magazines being made (139-140). This argument can have a massive effect on the quality of journalism that people are exposed to. People are being exposed to a lesser quality of writing or possibly having a shortage of information with the goal to be able to draw the attention of the reader in by making it more entertaining. Soderland (2012) argues that “the trend in the newspaper industry has been to consolidate and engage in practices that reduce ownership to fewer and fewer hands” (21).

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