Essay about The Main Goal Of Civil Society

Essay about The Main Goal Of Civil Society

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1. Civil Society
The term civil society refers to the sector of society that is comprised of the individuals, families, and various institutions and organizations. The main goal of civil society is to address the government 's shortcomings in their ability to provide for the needs of their citizens. As well as to provide a level of government accountability. This can be seen in charities, religious institutions, and unions who work to improve the quality of life for their congregations. Civil society can also be either completely separate or closely linked with political parties, such as in the politicization of Indonesia by the communist, Islamic, and nationalist parties.
2. Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
The Liberal Democratic Party or LDP is Japan 's largest political party. The LDP is a conglomerate of multiple parties that is controlled by a conservative majority. In the early 1960 's the LDP gained control of the government in Japan, which marked the start of the conservative regimes golden age. The LDP was successful due to tremendous economic performance, a high level of egalitarianism, and close ties to the United States. This success was owed to the fact that the LDP was able to adopt a policy of mercantilism, instead of the militaristic agenda that was needed during times of war. This new postwar policy allowed Japan to boost domestic markets, become more aggressive internationally, and decrease military government spending.
3. U.S-Japan Security Treaty
The U.S. - Japan security treaty was initially signed in 1951 and revised in 1960. The treaty allowed the United States to maintain a military presence in Japan once the allied occupation had ended, and full sovereignty had been restor...

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...apprehensive about trusteeship, as U.S. and Soviet trusteeships led to the division of the peninsula. The final, and most favorable process, is unification through consensus. In order for this type of unification to be possible the social, economic, and political differences which were discussed earlier need to be addressed. This type of unification, while difficult to achieve, would produce the best outcome as it would overcome the differences to give the North and South a common expression of Korean identity.
In order for South and North Korea to come to an agreement for unification, they must address the differences that cause the stark contrast between them. Opposing views on economic and political function have created a large gap in the identity of the Korean people. If, and only if common ground is found, will unification through consensus be possible.

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