Essay on The Main Functions Of Government

Essay on The Main Functions Of Government

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In order to answer the question who should govern, one must consider who should have power to make policy, carry out policies, and settle disputes that arise. These are the three main functions of government. Our Founding Fathers developed three separate branches of government with checks and balances over the operations of each other. Each branch has a specific task to perform. The Legislative branch has the power to make policies. The Executive branch has the power to carry out these polices. The Judicial branch has the power to settle disputes that arise. This particular style of government is known as a Republic in which people rule indirectly through representatives they elect. In my opinion, the power to govern should be held by the national government with representatives elected by the people of each state.
Having a strong national government allows for a unified defense system. The country would be more effective in defending itself against foreign threats with a national defense versus individual state militia acting on their own accord. In the article “Five principles that should govern any U.S. authorization of force”, the authors refer to establishing five core principles for authorization of force against terrorism, specifically the Islamic state (Goldsmith). This would set clear guidelines as to who we are fighting, a clear end date, and complete transparency to the American people.
A national government being in control would be more advantageous to economic stability. It is better suited to establish trade policies with other nations than state governments would be. A recent example of this is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that President Obama has been working on. He recently gained the support of National ...

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...including taxes and other fees related to it. The Constitution grants certain enumerated powers granted to Congress which includes collecting duties including imports and exports. References to trade wars between states were also one of the primary arguments in the Federalist Papers supporting a strong national government (Botsch).
The final argument supporting a strong national government is that it would have more resources available to support its programs. These resources would come from taxes it collected from all states under its control. This would allow more programs to be subsidized for education, healthcare, etc. The people would benefit from more revenues being available to them under a strong national government. The Constitution provides for the national government to collect taxes from all states under the enumerated powers granted to Congress (Botsch).

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