The Main Components Of Age Discrimination Towards Elderly Citizens Essay

The Main Components Of Age Discrimination Towards Elderly Citizens Essay

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The economy is based on the contribution of the working class in the United States, and is vital for the prosperity of our nation; however, what becomes the contribution once one no longer fits into the working class? Those that reach retirement age are often seen as spent, incapable, and lower on the scale of hierarchy in society. This social dilemma needs to be fully examined in order for a solution to be drafted, and diving deeper into the sociological perspectives such as the functionalist perspective can aid in the discovery of why this remains an issue today. The main components of age discrimination towards elderly citizens in the workforce can be linked to the ageism found in society, the increased age of individuals in the workforce, and the views of younger generations that influence behavior and capability of others.

The Functionalist theory would argue that a disparity between social or age classes is inevitable, and the assumption of positions by a younger generation in place of those headed for retirement is infact a benefit to society. The American economy is solely ran by the profit motive, and in a capitalistic society, citizens are driven by the need to succeed in terms of social and working class. In other words, when those that become to old to be capable to work, the replacement of these individuals by younger, more capable bodies is a necessity in our society. Under this premise, those that hit retirement age deeming them unable to contribute to the pot become in a sense useless, and their input to both the economy and society is no longer relevant or as great. If people in society were to shift the opinions that younger generations tend to hold towards those of elderly age, it would ...

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...ution possible by individuals in that age group. The reasons for these opinions are complex and varied, but can be often further examined by the use of sociological perspectives such as the functionalist theory. The average age in which individuals remain in the workforce is increasing, and the reality that those of older age will continue to grow is causing shift of views in our society. Those that once were seen as wise and accomplished are thrown out and viewed as spent, incapable, and incompetent. In order to shift views, the issue must further be examined in order to come up with a solution to this still relevant issue today. By examining the functionalist theory, one can dive into the interaction between various social classes and age groups, and devise a way to solve the common problem those of older age face of discrimination in the workforce, and in society.

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