Essay on The Main Character Is Nineteen Year Old Connie

Essay on The Main Character Is Nineteen Year Old Connie

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The main character is fifteen year old Connie. Connie is a typical rebellious teenager trying to find her independence. She constantly disobeys her mother and hasn’t a care in the world. Connie’s character does not really change through the story so much as the author adds more details about her. I do feel a sense of sympathy for Connie, because her mother is constantly comparing Connie to her sister. I believe Connie’s foil is her sister because she is constantly being compared to her.
The story’s plot starts out by introducing Connie and giving us an idea of what kind of life she lives. The plot then goes on to introduce the protagonist and gives us a sense of what he means to Connie. Finally the story ends with Connie really seeing herself for the first time and her getting basically kidnapped by the protagonist. The structure of the plot is important because if it were any other way the events in the story would not make sense and the connection to the main character would be lost.
Yes surprises do play an important role, because at first you think that the protagonist may be Connie’s escape to her awkward home life, but he ends up being quite the opposite. There is a bit of foreshadowing when the protagonist says “Gonna get you girl.” to Connie. No Oates does not use flashbacks in the story.
I find irony in the story when Arnold, the protagonist, says he will not enter Connie’s home because he says he won’t go into places where he does not belong, but he is there with bad intentions for Connie.
There is quite a bit of symbolism in this story but the most important and prominent symbol is that of music. In the story music is where Connie has gotten her fantasy of what romance is and is also used to portray Connie’s emotions.O...

... middle of paper ...

...behind Arnold’s intentions for Connie. The title is also reminiscent of what a parent would ask their child, which really adds on to the strange and almost uncaring attitude Connie’s parents have for her.
The main theme of this story is that of Connie’s search for independence. Oates portrays this theme by exemplifying Connie’s tendency to frequent places where older people are, in her attempt to quicken her path to adulthood. This theme is also portrayed by Connie’s desire to go with Arnold who is exploiting her need for independence, and in the end forces Connie to grow up faster through cruel means.
The author’s writing style is that of simplicity but at the same time that of deeper meaning. While the author makes it easy for one to find the symbols and unravel their meaning, the author also adds a whole new weight to meaning behind certain objects and questions.

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