Essay on The Main Causes of Hunger in Africa

Essay on The Main Causes of Hunger in Africa

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Hunger has affected much of Africa with its vidal epidemic. The main causes of hunger in Africa are the change in climate, the government, growing population but most important poverty. Many people in Africa don't have jobs and for that reason they don't have enough money to buy food for their families. As Director General, Jose Graziano da Silva suggested, the decision to end hunger needs to be taken by society as a whole, not by a single organization or a single government.
Hunger is spreading in Africa including Niger where some 2.9 million people face food shortages. In 1970 sub-Saharan Africa had 18 million malnourished children. By 1997 there were 32 million, according to IFPRI. The global trend, meanwhile, moved in the opposite direction: 203 million hungry children in 1970 down to 166 million in 1997, according to IFPRI report (McLaughlin and Purefoy 1). It is impressive how many children are starving to death in Africa and the percentage just keeps increasing. So many people around the world are trying their best to help out but it is going to take a whole lot more than j...

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