Essay about The Main Cause Of The American Revolution

Essay about The Main Cause Of The American Revolution

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One of the most powerful countries in the 18th century established colonies across the sea. Great Britain established 13 colonies in North America as other nation started joining the race to own more land, causing controversy between both France and Great Britain. Great Britain finished, winning the war but ended with so much debt. Great Britain looked for a way to pay of the debts by establishing taxes on the 13 colonies. With the amount of power Great Britain had over the colonies, people started to go against them. The Declaratory Act of 1766 show the amount of power Great Britain had is the main cause of the American Revolution occur.
The seven year war consists of Great Britain and France fighting for land in the new war and continuity of the fur trade with the Indian Americans. The war ended in 1763 and according to Westin “Britain’s public debt was a then staggering sum of 146,000,000” (Westin) causing action to take place to pay off debts. According to Rinaldo, he stated that “not all of the colonist supported the revolt. According to the patriot John Adams, throughout the war, one third of the population was opposed of the war, one third was neutral, and only one third actively supported the conflict” (Rinaldo). Many historians all have their reason of the different causes of the American Revolution. Such include the Currency Act, the Navigation Act, the Intolerable Act, the Declaratory Act, the Quartering Act, and many more. The Currency Act of 1764 regulated paper money issued. The Navigation Act regulated colonial trade which was to help allow Great Britain to the monopoly of British colonial trade. The Intolerable Act were action taken after the Boston tea party to punish the colonies and restore British authority. ...

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...ontrol over the colonies. He infer that the Declaratory Act “has not been fully estimated” (Woodburn) as important. He stated that “the Declaratory Act was an index to the irrepressible nature of the controversy” showing the amount of importance the Declaratory Act. It can be conclude that the importance of the Declaratory Act because of the time the law was passed but it show all of the power that Great Britain had.
The laws passed by the British Parliament all were major contributors to the start of the American Revolution resulting in American becoming independent. There were colonist for and against the laws of the British Parliament. With the British Parliament showing their power colonist started revolting against them. The declaratory act determined to amount of authority that Great Britain hade over the colonies and a major cause to the American Revolution.

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