Main Aspects Of Liberal Pluralism And Marxism Essay

Main Aspects Of Liberal Pluralism And Marxism Essay

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This essay is organised in 3 key parts. The first describes key aspects of liberal-pluralism and Marxism, that are relevant. The second applies these paradigms to the current state of New Zealand 's mainstream print media and its reliance on advertising as a primary revenue stream after digital convergence and looking specifically at the proposed Fairfax - NZME merger. The third, again applies the two paradigms to New Zealand politicians use of the social media platform twitter.
Breakdown and analyse different aspects of each example.
Issues of democracy
Social values
Importance of understanding a variety of differing political economic paradigms.

Prior to engaging with the examples is is necessary to outline the characteristics of the two political economy paradigms. Liberal-pluralism takes the stance that society is made up of several different interest groups (first essay reference) and within that society, Media can be considered an agent of democracy because the relationship between media and audience is seen as even, in that media requires large audiences to generate revenue and thus must provide according to the demands of the consumer. It is important to note the key conceptions of this paradigm including invisible hand competition (explain), rationality and positive assumptions about modernity and technology. One key criticism of this paradigm in relation to this essay is its tendency to overestimate the power of consumer demand as assume that market is a natural condition.

Vulgar marxism. Ignores human agency (Berger, 44).

Marxism, can be criticised for dismissing consumer agency when discussing the power of the upper class bourgeoisie. Generally Marxism discusses tools of social control, this essay focu...

... middle of paper ...

...ents” (Mosco 2009, 94) (Fuchs and Mosco, 130)

Liberal-Pluralism, on the other hand, argues that technology is a wholly progressive force (Smith, ). Modernity is essential in this school of thought, specifically in the form of industrial capitalist democracy and society evolves in positive, improved ways. A common discourse of critique that occurs on social media, is the tendency to interact with like-minded individuals, thus reinforcing one’s own biases and opinions ( Herald ). Ins the case of Twitter and Liberal-pluralism however, power is still pluralistic (Smith, ). Twitter facilitates and interplay of aligned and conflicting political interests, this online form of competition for followers ensures choice and efficiency in this particular marketplace of political ideas that would not be possible without this modernisation and technological development (Smith, ).

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