Essay on Mahatma Gandhi : The World

Essay on Mahatma Gandhi : The World

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Ghandi Changed the World
Brandie M. West
Columbia Southern University
Mohandas Gandhi’s existence in this world inevitably changed it forever. There is no denying this. A man that came from beginnings that would have made change unfathomable, not only stood above the standards of his society, but also joined many others in his quest for a more equal and peaceful system. Not only, did he make an impact in his situation, but he set the standard for generations to come on what the process looks without war and fighting to bring about a massive change in laws and treatment of people. His methods were not only effective for himself, but those that would model his behavior for future endeavors.

Ghandi Changed the World
Ghandi and His Mission
Mohandas Gandhi was born into the caste system of India. He was a tradesman by birth (Pettinger, 2011). This placed him in the Vaishya caste, smack dab in the middle of the hierarchal social order (O’Neil, 2006). It was his mother’s influence that is partially attributed to his moral foundation, as she was a devoutly religious person in spite of her lack of educational knowledge. As discussed in our text this system was the heart of social stratification. As a result of this Gandhi started life understandably compliant to the rules and expectations of the society and culture he was born in to. He performed well in school, was notably introverted, and in no way stood out as a child that was destined to change the world. While his father had the respectable title of prime minister to local authority, Gandhi still had a very clear place and path within his community. This led to coordinated marriage at only 13. His meek personality did not prevent him from steppi...

... middle of paper ... in a way that not only sacrifices yourself but edifies humanity and moves the generations to forward (not back). His spirituality is of a rare and pure form, and I aspire personally to achieve some of the character traits that kept him in a constant state of peace that could be shared with others.

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