Maharishi’s Use of Transcendental Meditation to Enhance Collective Consciousness

Maharishi’s Use of Transcendental Meditation to Enhance Collective Consciousness

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Maharishi’s Technology to Enhance National Consciousness
Maharishi (1986) clearly points out “The basis of stress in world consciousness is the violation of natural law by the people” (p. 83-84). Violation of natural law means that the individuals are not able to live harmoniously with the environment, because the thoughts and actions are disconnected from their basis due to the accumulation of stresses in the nervous system. Thus, the pure consciousness is remain hidden from individual awareness as the mind is only aware of the outward sensory world. In this state the mind is only object-referral. However, as Maharishi explains, during the practice of Transcendental Meditation, one transcends all the activities of the mind and experiences transcendental consciousness where the consciousness is only aware of its own unbounded nature. At this state the mind is Self-referral.
Transcendental Meditation is a scientifically proven technique to develop the full potential of the individual consciousness by releasing stresses in the nervous system. It allows the mind to go inward natur...

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