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The objective of every government is a peaceful and prosperous country. However, it is hard to find an ideal government in the present world and not a single government could fully satisfy their citizens. No matter which country people always complain about the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the government. In some countries, the problems remain unsolved as the government cannot find a solution to stop ongoing war, crime and corruption.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1993) who is the founder of the Transcendental Meditation Program, explains that in order to be successful, the government should appoint the expert administrator who has been proving success in administration since the beginning of the solar system and universe, to accomplish everything for the government. He points out, “The government of the universe has been demonstrating its ability to administer the whole diversity of the universe, with order and perfect peace, and without a problem ever” (Maharishi, 1993). Maharishi (1986) explains, the reason for all the problems is the violation of nature’s law by the people. When people live in accord with natural law, the individuals act more intelligently and harmoniously in accord with the natures design. Thus, the actions are progressive and does not do harm to the individual or to the environment.
In order to comprehend how the individuals who live in accord with the nature’s law can help to solve the problems of the nation, one should understand the concept of collective consciousness which is the basis of Maharishi’s theory of government. In Maharishi’s (1976) view, the success of the government directly depends upon the quality of consciousness of its citizens, because the nation is a collection of individuals.

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...fectively. In contrast, the members with less refined consciousness may reflect negative tendencies, because one can only reflect what one is. Therefore, ultimately, the government is also depends upon the quality of individual consciousness.
Maharishi’s Technology to Enhance National Consciousness
Individual consciousness is the basis of collective consciousness of the nation which influences governmental functioning. Hence, Maharishi mainly focused on enhancing the quality of individual consciousness in order to create a coherence in collective consciousness. He introduces a simple and effortless technique to unfold the full potential of the individual consciousness which is called Transcendental Meditation. When we practice Transcendental Meditation we allow our consciousness to experience its fundamental level.
According to Maharishi (1972),

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